Strategy: Lesotho Public Service Census 2018

In 2018 I had the privilege of working on an incredible project with Charlie Goldsmith Associates and the Government of Lesotho to develop and implement a communications strategy for a census of 47,000 civil servants.

Funded by the World Bank, the results of the census will enable the Government to improve public services, strengthen human resources and gain control over a bloated Public Service wage bill.


The aim of the strategy was to create awareness of the census and increase participation among public officers and civil pensioners. After an initial information gathering exercise and ongoing detailed discussions with the Ministry of Public Service (MoPS) project team, key stakeholders, and Ministry officials, I produced the following materials:

  • Communications strategy – approved by the Ministry of Public Service and World Bank. Including SWOT and PESTEL analysis, risk mitigation, strategy objectives, stakeholder analysis, and key messages and channels by audience. It also included detailed tactics to be employed to meet objectives such as brand and design, internal communications, media advertising and programming, media engagement, and online and social media, and an evaluation matrix for reviewing and adapting the strategy throughout the project.
  • Census Branding – it was agreed that the census needed a positive brand that could carry through into all materials including posters, digital content and the census website, making it easily recognisable.
  • Posters, banners and digital content – produced in English and Sesotho for display in duty stations and sharing across social media channels.



  • Social media planning – taking maximum advantage of available MoPS channels including internal WhatsApp groups, Facebook and Twitter.