Graphic Design

I’ve often been asked by clients to design the products I’ve written for them – be it books, posters or graphics. While I am a communicator first and foremost, I am also competent in Adobe Creative Suite and over the years I have saved my clients and employers a lot of time and money. 

Lesotho Public Service Census

To a large extent, communications activities are governed by the available budget. Deciding how and where to spend it depends on balancing the money in the pot with the most appropriate activities to meet your objectives. Sometimes, when the budget is tight, you need to improvise. 

When I started asking graphic designers in Lesotho to provide quotes for designing a logo, posters and other materials, I quickly realised it was beyond the scope of what we could afford. While developing a positive and recognisable brand for the census was important, it was more important to get the messages out there and ensure public officers participated in the process.

So I stepped in. 

I provided the project team within the Ministry of Public Services a selection of simple logo concepts. We wanted the logo to be positive and encourage public officer engagement, making them proud to be part of the process. It also had to be bipartisan (many colours were off limits as they represented different political parties), so the colours of the Lesotho flag were chosen for the brand.


 From there, I designed the posters, graphics, newspaper adverts and other materials. 

By taking on the design work for the project, not only did it mean we could spend the budget where it was most needed, it also meant that, with no third party, I was able to turn designs and amendments around quickly, without the need to request quotes for new products or fit around other clients or commitments.

Examples of other design work

Full colour 100 page commemorative book for Sierra Leone Brewery Ltd
A variety of promotional materials for the Sierra Leone Tourism Board
A poster and billboard campaign for Sierra Leone Brewery Ltd
Fliers and booklets for AdvocAid